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The Yousef family

The family Yousef arrived in Europe in the fall of 2015. There is father Zaid and mother Hanan and they have three children of their own, the boys Karim and Nabil and one daughter Farah. Meriam, their niece of 18 years, has joined the family on their escape from their hometown Aleppo. Meriam lost her parents in the siege of the city and Zaid and Hanan took her into their home. Read how the Yousef’s and other migrants from other parts of the world, are doing in Luxembourg and how they deal with cultural differences.

The Stories

Who is the coach?

Meri feels left out

Mahmoud negotiating with a supplier

Looking the teacher in the eye

Karim greets at birthday party

Karim and the ladies

Hanan and the doctor

Friendly neighbors

The themes

  • Authority and leadership
  • In some cultures people accept more easily that power is divided unequally, in other people demand that power is divided more equally.
  • (In)direct Communication
  • In some cultures people say what they have in mind, in others people are more indirect and also rely and non-verbal communication.
  • Motivation en success
  • The individual’s role in the group can be focussed on collaboration or on being the best.
  • Rules and (un)certainty
  • In some cultures uncertainty is accepted as being a part of life and in others people prefer to take steps to avoid uncertainty.
  • Privacy and relations
  • In one culture relationships are very important and are people loyal to their group, in others people are more loyal to oneself and the direct circle.