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The Netherlands has always welcomed migrants from all over the world. Dutch culture is not the easiest to understand. The Dutch stand farther apart from most cultures than other cultures do. There are many differences to recognize, understand and accept. Both ways. Read how these Migrants are doing in the Netherlands and how they deal with cultural differences.

The Stories

Juan Carlos at the door around dinnertime

Talk, sound or noise?

Han and the tomato soup

Zayed meets a leader

Who is the coach?

Friendly neighbors

Anxhela feels left out

Mahmoud negotiating with a supplier

The themes

  • Authority and leadership
  • In some cultures people accept more easily that power is divided unequally, in other people demand that power is divided more equally.
  • (In)direct Communication
  • In some cultures people say what they have in mind, in others people are more indirect and also rely and non-verbal communication.
  • Motivation en success
  • The individual’s role in the group can be focussed on collaboration or on being the best.
  • Rules and (un)certainty
  • In some cultures uncertainty is accepted as being a part of life and in others people prefer to take steps to avoid uncertainty.
  • Privacy and relations
  • In one culture relationships are very important and are people loyal to their group, in others people are more loyal to oneself and the direct circle.